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ho][ow PlayStation 3 Theme by FIF7Y/High_dB/JiXeR

  • CREATOR: Original Artwork by FIF7Y [twitter: FIF7Y] ported by JiXeR [twitter: JiXeRMDR] & High_dB [twitter: High_dB]


  • REQUIREMENTS: PlayStation 3 and a blank usb drive (FAT32 formatted)


  • INSTALL: You will need to unzip this file and load the folders exactly as they are onto the thumbdrive.  the folder structure MUST stay the same for the PS3 to recognize it.  Once the files are on the drive, plug in the usb drive to the Playstation and go into your settings, then to the theme settings.  Select ‘theme’ and go to the top to ‘install’.  once the theme is installed, select the theme in the list and apply.  enjoy!


  • NOTES:  Folder structure for the usb drive MUST look like this
    • [root]
      • PS3
        • THEME
          • hollow.p3t



  • SAMPLE: (click image to see full size)  [font is not correct, this was the only screen test i could get]

ho][ow - FIF7Y_HighdB_JiXeR - PS3Theme


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