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by on Sep.14, 2011, under News

five years late…but i’ve finally updated my site! welcome aboard, and i will be working harder at getting new content on a regular basis. there have been many changes in my life since the last update. sadly, music has taken a back burner. my poor studio has been collecting dust. but, i have been working on other outlets that i’m very proud of. family is one. modding is another.

wow, where to start. let’s see. i have a wonderful fiancee and a beautiful daughter now. we bought a house on the outside of Houston and we’re loving it.

my passion. it all started off with a special spot as a beta tester for one of the greatest themers of all time, FIF7Y. i started doing beta testing for OSX themes that he was doing, and once i got my iphone, i started beta testing his iOS themes. after a while, ThemeIt came along, and i was placed on the jury. i started keeping up with the ThemeIt blog where i post my user mods, and try to help others get there’s shown too. the iOS community is a great one. i’m happy to be a part of it.

ok, enough updates for now. enjoy the site and check back for interesting, mindless crap that i find across the net. Wink


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